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  • 14-08-2014


    Finally has been released this assome movie I have been working on this last year at MPC London.

    My role, Lighting TD and LookDevelop

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  • 17-10-2012


    Nextel-motorola Ferrari.

    Finaly I can bring you one of the las proyects I have been working on in the last month in Barcelona,

    more info inside...

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  • 12-09-2012


    Finished my last personal work.

    This work is a look develop for a possible short Film I have been working on.

    If you examine the room, you will adivine what kind of boy would be living there and what is him planing.

    The image is a frame of animated camera and in a few weeks, I hope to have a lighting break down to show the process..

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  • 20-06-2012

    Finished the last Commercial project.

    Filmed in Los Angeles, we did the VFX in Barcelona, at FakeStudio (Garage Films).

    The car runs over surreal city, with imposible structure, like the Inception Film..

    it was a 3d/live integration for Nissan Yuke Mexico Commercial, the work was hard but the result very good, I hope in few weeks I will be able to show you the result here in me site..

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