About Us

Who we are

Jellyfish Pictures is an independent visual effects, animation and motion graphics studio based in Noho, Central London. Started in 2001 by Philip Dobree and William Rockall, the company has gone from strength to strength gathering together some of the most talented individuals in the field to help create highly original, award-winning work.

By striving to remain at the forefront of technology and design, Jellyfish is able to offer something extra, both in creativity and approach. An open and friendly environment helps nurture an extremely productive relationship with our clients and has made a significant contribution to a number of highly acclaimed, award-winning projects.


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Services we provide

  • Pre Production

    • Bidding and consultation.
    • VFX breakdowns and cost analysis.
    • Creative solutions, Concept work, Look development.
    • Storyboarding / animatic.
    • Previzualisation.
    • Pitchviz and postviz.
  • CGI

    • Digital creature pipeline (concept, model, sculpt, rig and animation).
    • Digital environments and digital worlds, set extensions.
    • FX phenomena – fluids, pyro, dynamics and atomospheric effects (fire, rain, water etc).
    • Toolset- Softimage XSI, 3dsmax, Arnold, Brazil, Mental Ray, Krakatoa, Fume, Particle flow, Realflow, Zbrush and XSI ICE. Internal proprietary tools. 1000+ core render farm running 64 and 16 core render nodes. 50+ HP workstations connected to nine 13 terrabyte Isilon InfiniBand clustered storage modules.
  • Production

    • Creative direction and supervision.
    • On set VFX supervision.
    • Production management, data management and Vfx editorial.
    • Toolset- Shotgun and in-house proprietary tools, two Final Cut VFX/animation suites, VFX/animation editing for shot integration and client viewing. Remote interactive shot playback for discussion and approval using Cinesync.
  • Post Production

    • For compositing-roto, plate clean up, wire removal, tracking, 2.5D compositing and full shot and sequence compositing with studio colour pipeline designed for broadcast and film.
    • Toolset- NukeX, Shake, Fusion, After Effects, Pftrack. Proprietary tools and custom plugins.
    NEC 800 DLP projector in 20 seat cinema running resolve or Baselight for digital grading and viewing of film and dailies/rushes.
  • Motion Design

    • Motion boards, animation, title sequences , art direction.
    • Toolset - After Effects, particular/trapcode, Cinema 4d and flash.
    • 2D animation.
  • 3D Stereoscopic

    • CGI generation and compositing (CGI / Live action). JVC 50 inch stereo monitors and 23 inch Samsung stereo monitors, 3D applications with proprietary stereo rigs and Cineform playback.
  • Digital Camera

    • Match move and tracking.
    • Previz and Postviz.
    • PF track.


Registered Address: 66-68 Margarent Street, London W1W 8SR. Company Registration No. 4453713