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mercedes amg china commercial 2012

Agency__BBDO Beijing

Director__Anthony Hofman

VFX company__ Furia Digital

My role__3D Generalist / Nuke Compositor


Mercedes AMG Commercial is a great work I have been working for, filmed in Spain, post-produced in Barcelona and showed first time in Formula 1 GP of Singapur 2012.

The Client Mercedes AMG for China.

    Maya - Vray - Boujou - Nuke
  • My aportation
  • I did 3D machmoving for some shoots, cleaning of shoots in Nuke, concretly in some of the shoots of roads with trafic lights, puting more trafic lights and erasing elemnts like trafic signals.
  • Finally tracking, modelling, animating, lighting and pre-compositing in the shoots with airplanes. Making the CG working engines, because in the real footage the airplane was stoped.
  • We have worked hard to give the senation that te airplane was taking off

© 2012 Ivan Costarrosa