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Nissan Yuke commercial 2012



VFX company__ Fake Studio

My role__3D Generalist / Nuke Compositor


Nissan Yuke Comercial – This is a grate work for Nissan Mexico. We neded to make a composition with live action and CG image. In some of the shoots the city is CG image. We were four people doing this VFX Project.

    Maya - Photoshop - Vray - Boujou - Nuke
  • My aportation
  • I did two shoots, since 00:06 to 00:09, where my job was, 3D machmoving, modelling of buildings and dummies, shading, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering and final composition.
  • The greatest thing about this shoots and specially the last one, is that they are all done by my, 3D and Compositing.

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