Personal Work

    • are you a patriot?

      CG Short Film


      This shortfilm grew from the necesity of express my self opinion about Irak war. The firts idea came up when Irak first war started, but I finished this shortfilm when Irak second war was starting.

    • casa chapiz

      CG Still


      This work was done while I was staying in Granada (Spain). It represents a real house from an antique Psicologiest from Albaizyn neighborhood set in old Granada.

    • Door of lendar

      CG Still


      This symbolic picture was done years ago and it represents a magical door, the frontier to another world, the world of Lendar. The unconscious world.

    • Adrijarl's room

      CG Animation/Still


      This is a look develop still for a future new short film, the picture shows a scenario, it is the room of a main character,wich talks about the life and personality of a litle boy called Adrijarl.



© 2013 Ivan Costarrosa